Massachusettes-Angell Society for the Animals  Massachusettes-Angell Society for the Animals, which was founded in 1868. This is the second-oldest shelter in the United States. They oppose cosmetic procedures for pets that necessarily puts them at risk and discomfort. This includes moving undescended testicles to the scrotum, tail docking and ear cropping or those procedures to disguise an imperfection.

This organization has created an oasis for animals who are over worked and improperly treated in Northern Africa. I have been to this location which is in FEZ,  MOROCCO (A remarkable destination that I was happy to have seen prior to 9-11) You can read about this shelter by clicking on About us and looking under International Programs. It was founded in 1927 through an endowment by Amy Bend Bishop, an American traveler who wanted to right the wrongs of owners who mistreated their draft and pack animals. The American Fondouk is it’s name-Fondouk is the Arabic name for shelter or stable.

I witnessed underfed, sick Donkeys & a few stray dogs at this unique facility. Our private guide took us there and he had not even been inside the premises until we asked him. It is a private, gated area, not visible from the street. It consists of a courtyard, trees, hospital and well-equipped laboratory. The hospital is staffed by a resident veterinarian, a blacksmith and 12 other employees. They treat 50-100 animals a day.

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