www.puppymills.com A comprehensive site that thoroughly discusses problems with backyard breeders who advertise in the Sunday paper and puppy mills- Both are trying to supplement their income with little regard for their litters. There is a special interest in the Yorkie Breed due to their overwhelming popularity and subsequent frequent appearance in puppy mills. Breeders may sound ethical and truthful UNTIL you encounter a problem and request a refund- Then they can turn into unaccountable beasts. Very few breeders are responsible, the best avenue is to find one by attending a dog show.

This site discusses how a breeder can sell many different breeds of dogs with little or no knowlege of proper breeding, confirmation, genetic diseases or breed specific problems. It exposes the new FAD of selling cross bred pups to gullible and unsuspecting consumers under names like Labradoodle, cocka-poo etc.

Internet sales are discussed and the lure of cute puppies shipped to you from on-line sales (usually puppy mills)…however, photos aren’t always accurate and they will ship the puppy that they want you to have, not necessarily the healthiest one, so beware. Internet sales can be devastating, since money changes hands out of state, through western union or money orders with little tracking. Once an animal is shipped, it is almost impossible to get any recourse. Lawsuits across state lines will be costly in time and money. Is the seller easy or difficult to reach by phone??? Ask them for numbers to reach them by and CALL them to check up on their responsiveness.

Webmasters note: Although AKC does issue record keeping violations to poorly operated Kennels, the American Kennel Club DOES register puppy mill pups. Registration means only that the sire and dam are known (much like you know who your mom and dad is) AKC registered pets with PAPERS does not mean that you have a healthy pet, nor does it indicate that it is of Champion lines and it does not mean that it is better, more loveable or anything!! Don’t be mislead by the term AKC REGISTERED     Diane @ doglicense.org

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