www.Cap4pets.org This Houston, Texas shelter has been a favorite of mine for over a decade. I volunteered there in the early 1990’s, have adopted 3 of my dogs there (Winston is one of them) and  I still attend their spectacular, annual fundraising Galas. Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) has a high adoption rate, is exceptionally clean  and fresh smelling and has always offered a large variety of dogs, cats, and other animals.They actively promote adoptions through PetsMart, 7 days a week. Every animal is spayed or neutered before adoption.

If you are looking to adopt, allow yourself several months to find the Perfect Pet. Go to shelters often, be open minded and consider an adult dog or cat. Adults over age 1 are ready to bond immediately, usually are housebroken and socialized and their personality structure is obvious. Puppies demand a lot of attention, are destructive, need to monitored closely, need to be leash trained, socialized and housebroken. Adult dog personality traits are more predictable and adults work out great for busy families with children.

C.A.P. recently told a story in their newsletter about a corgi mix who was found lost in Houston. Somebody rescued her, they named her Roxy and searched for a month and never found out where she belonged. She had no ID tags on. A permanent home was found for her.

Many puppies are adopted into families with small children who are too rough with them or the puppy grows up and is no longer cute and small so it becomes forgotten and neglected. They end up back in the shelter, so remember, every dog that you see was once a puppy……….Adult dogs need homes desperately and they deserve another chance at a permanent and loving home!

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